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Caritative projects with foundations

Providing available hospital medical equipment to medical care centers around the world in need of equipment

MedTechTrade AG, within the framework of a joint effort with non-governmental organizations, funded by generous foundations and NGOs, delivers refurbished second-hand medical equipment from European hospitals to hospitals and medical care centers in Third World countries such as Ecuador, Guatemala, Romania, Pakistan, India, Chile, Ukraine and Peru.

Our Motivation

Through our network in Latin America and Eastern Europe, we have become aware of the dire state of need in local hospitals. They normally do not have the required medical equipment for emergencies, diagnosis, care and intervention, or must work with equipment with limited features. This considerably restricts caregivers’ ability to provide quality medical attention for the poor. We have learned that, in spite of significant efforts, there are almost no funds available for the acquisition of needed medical equipment in these countries.

In contrast, in many European nations such as Switzerland, fully functional equipment is discarded as obsolete after five years. This equipment, which has been reviewed and maintained at least annually and in many cases has never even been used, winds up stored in hospital warehouses, and mostly never again used.

These thousands of medical devices, discarded by Swiss and other First World hospitals, could in turn be utilitzed to save innumerable lives in developing countries. MedTechTrade is working to alleviate this healthcare problem by offering our knowledge of these needs, in situ analysis of the deficiencies and delivery of functional medical equipment - by working closely with non-governmental organizations and philanthropic foundations.

Services for Foundations and NGOs

  1. Liaison between hospitals in need and organizations, contributing our knowledge of the major local needs.
  2. Guidance and in situ analysis for medical equipment aid projects, focusing on the real needs of the people affected.
  3. Distribution of high quality medical equipment, logistics and customs management, as well as organizing and advising on installation of the equipment.
  4. Providing participating foundations and NGOs with tracking and results analysis for projects currently underway and those completed.